Vehicle Maintenance Tips, The significance of Oil and Coolant Changes!

I presently own a car service center and auto parts store and that i can’t ever stress enough to customers how important oil changes are, particularly in cars nowadays. I have seen a lot of occasions customers who neglect to have their oil altered regularly also it winds up costing them a lot of money. Oil changes would be the existence of the engine! Most vehicles nowadays have overhead cams plus they need a ton more oil pressure to function the oil to the top engine to lubricate critical parts. The oil ports within the block and also the cylinder heads are a great deal smaller sized than older style overhead valve engines. Therfore, the oil must be clean whatsoever occasions to avoid sludging and stopping in the oil ports. When the ports are halted, the oil pump can’t do it’s job also it winds up losing oil pressure and that is it for that motor. A really pricey mistake.

Here’s and illustration of an electric train engine we’d to exchange due to insufficient altering the oil. It was a 2007 Dodge Charger with 70,000 miles V-6. The client introduced the vehicle in and stated these were driving it around the interstate eventually and out of the blue the oil light came on. Then your vehicle began running rough and turn off. After they been with them towed in, the vehicle started up and it was knocking. I understood which was the finish from it. Upon inspection, to determine what caused this to occur, the valve covers were removed and you can see a couple of inches of sludge on the top from the cam and valve set up.

I requested the client when they had ever altered the oil plus they stated, “not regularly”. I possibly could tell the vehicle most likely had not seen an oil change since 2007. The engine swap wound up costing roughly $3000, an impact from just having to pay for any $30 oil change every couple of several weeks.


The objective of antifreeze, or engine coolant as it is also known as, is #1 it keeps water inside your engine from freezing during the cold months and causing severe harm to your engine block and #2 it’s anticorrosives inside it to avoid your air conditioning from corroding and achieving clogged.

In case your air conditioning is stuffed with just water also it freezes, water expands and can crack your engine block. So far as corrosion goes, most engines today are manufactured from aluminum, that when using just water may cause corrosion and clog your air conditioning. Radiators in cars today have really small cores and every one of the coolant ports inside your engine are smaller sized compared to what they was once. So corrosion is a huge problem. If you’re refilling your air conditioning always mix your engine coolant with water. Never run just pure coolant, it ought to be mixed 50/50. You can purchase coolant already premixed 50/50 whatsoever auto parts stores, or mix yourself to it. This is because water cools much better than pure antifreeze. So during the summer time when climate is up, the 50% water could keep your engine a great deal cooler to avoid overheating.

ANOTHER Essential TIP.

In case your vehicle is losing coolant and also you suspect a leak Don’t, Once more Don’t put stop leak inside your air conditioning. Leaks are extremely critical and have to be repaired, take the vehicle right into a shop As soon as possible. When I described, all cars today have really small coolant ports, in the radiator and also the engine. When the stop leak will get inside and hardens, it stops up much of your radiator ports and water ports within the engine, as well as your vehicle will probably still overheat despite you receive the leak repaired. There’s no fix to obtain the stop leak out, apart from rebuilding the engine. I have seen many individuals ruin a wonderfully good engine by utilizing stop leak. It really was once O.K. to make use of on older style engines years back, although not today’s engines.
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