DIY vs. Professionally Installed Garden Railings

As a homeowner, you may want to have a fence or railing to protect your garden and the entire property from unauthorised entries and attack from animals. It also completes the overall look of your place and serves as a boundary to let people know what part of the land you own. Moreover, it adds to the value of your property. Some homeowners opt to install the railing by themselves, while others hire professional contractors to do the job. If you are contemplating these two options, we have listed their pros and cons to help you decide.

DIY installation 

Here are the pros and cons of doing the fence installation by yourself.


  • Save on professional fees – the expenses will only be the materials.
  • Ready-made materials are available – while you can cut or fabricate your materials if you want, there are ready-made railing products that are available on the market. This makes the task more convenient.
  • Freedom to do what you want – you are free to execute whatever idea you have in mind. In case there are changes along the way, you can do that without having to worry about paying an additional fee if hiring a professional.
  • Do as a family project – it can serve as a bonding time for the entire family, making it fun and enjoyable.


  • Time and effort consuming – if you are busy with work, the kids, and other chores; adding this to your list of tasks can be overwhelming as it will require a considerable amount of your time and effort.
  • Can be costly in the end – if you are not an expert, you may end up having to repeat some processes that can be costly.
  • Unprofessional finish – it is not guaranteed that the result will be attractive.

Hiring a professional contractor 

Below are the pros and cons of hiring a trained and experienced professional to do the work.


  • Saves time and energy – you can focus on other important matters that you need to do or take that much-needed rest, while you let an expert do the job.
  • Professional finish – you are guaranteed outstanding results as long as you choose a trusted contractor with a proven record of installing garden railings.
  • Customised design – experienced service providers have the tools, knowledge, and skills to do a custom fence that will meet your needs.
  • No added cost – the agreed amount is what you will pay. In case they make a mistake along the way, it will not increase the price.


  • Professional fees – aside from the cost of the materials, you will pay for the professional fees.
  • Challenge in choosing a contractor – not all contractors are the same, so you need to do your research to find one that is trustworthy and reliable.

Take all these factors into consideration before deciding whether you will work on the railing yourself or hire a professional to do it. Either way, good quality garden railings can enhance your property and add to its kerb appeal.