Things That Can & Will Go Wrong On Your Commercial Property Roof.

It is difficult running a business in today’s very competitive business world and you just can’t afford to be closing your business for a few hours never mind a day or longer. Many business owners may look up at the roof of their property from time to time but there is very little that you can see from the street and there could be a lot going on up there. It is always best to address issues before they become major problems, so if your roof has not been checked in some time, then get it done soon.

This is certainly not a job for you and it isn’t for the local handyman either. You need a professional that is experienced in commercial roofing in Perth. They are trained in such things and they can spot things that you never would if you were to go up there and have a look around. The following are some of the things that do happen to the roof over your head in your business premises.

  • Loose & broken tiles – The first clue is if you can hear noise coming from the roof and there are no birds living up there, then it is highly likely that your tiles need some attention. The good news is that your commercial roofing company has a selection of the more popular tiles in their possession and so this is something that can be addressed quickly and easy.
  • Moss & algae build-up – Over time, these two things will build up on the surface of your roof tiles and so they retain moisture that would otherwise run off the roof and into the guttering. This needs to be cleaned away and so will involve power washing at a great height. This is certainly a job for your commercial roofing company.
  • Loose guttering & soffits – These tend to come loose through time and moisture tends to rot the screws and bolts that hold them in place. They are designed to protect your commercial building, so these need to be fastened back into place or swapped out. While up there, they will also check for the need to replace your soffits altogether and maybe plug up some leaks in your guttering as well.

Just because your commercial roof seems to be OK from the road looking up doesn’t mean a thing and it’s only when a professional has a look that you can get the peace of mind knowing that all is well up there.