Where to Sell your Silver

Are you looking to sell your silver collection for cash? If so, you need to know where to sell them. Whether you own a silver dollar, bars, or bullion coins, you must equip yourself with the right knowledge to get the most out of the sale. Below are your options when selling silver:

Local Coin Dealers

You can conveniently and quickly sell your coins if there is a local coin dealer near you. They might give you a decent price for your silver but prices between dealers vary. Thus, if there are a few dealers in your area, take your time to find the right place to give you the right price for silver.

Online Dealers

Buying and selling silver can also be done through online dealers. You can find a lot of bullion and precious metal dealers online that have silver buying programs. Before you choose a dealer, spend time browsing their reviews and seeing the positive or negative feedback they get from their previous customers. The majority of these dealers are actively purchasing from the public.


Although pawnshops have their own lending practices, many of them will buy silver. Pawnshops are everything but you have to find one that buys and sells that kind of silver you want to sell.

Coin Shows

These shows are fun and an excellent place to browse collectible coins and bullion products. These shows are attended by many coin dealers. Look for shows that are more for buying silver or collectible items and bullion than selling. Try to get many quotes from different dealers before you decide who to sell your silver to.


Selling silver in auctions is becoming more and more popular among precious metal collectors. Aside from bullion products, you can also auction off your numismatic and collectible coins on auction websites. If you possess these coins, you can expect higher premiums. But, if you are only selling two There will be plenty of possible buyers on auction websites and the bidding style  can drive up the price of your silver higher than normal.

Online Forums

Aside from selling silver through online dealers, you can also sell it in community forums online. Use the internet to research and know about active forums. Selling your silver through this route will help you build feedback and a reputation. Some buyers from these forums might be local ones, saving you money on shipping and selling in cash.