The Virtual World Of online gambling

Through the beloved TV show FRIENDS or every classic American movie based in the casinos of Las Vegas, everyone around the globe is familiar with the fact that poker is a card game where the players bet their money. It’s quite a popular way to earn or lose money, and also a path to gambling addiction. Originated in the USA, in the 19th Century, this card game has evolved into different forms in various places across the world.

How to play Poker online?

In this new age, everything has transitioned to being available online, so why not poker? You can download poker games from the Google Play Store for free, or if you’re conscious about the storage space in your phone or laptop, you can visit the websites that avail poker online. It is mandatory that the player must be at least 18 years of age, since there is gambling involved. As for depositing money in the game, you need a Visa or a MasterCard credit card, or any popular e-wallets.

Once registered, you can connect with your friends, or play with other players in your locality or from anywhere in the world, raise your stakes with them, play and win money.

Although gambling is illegal in India, the Calcutta and Karnataka High Courts have cited that law enforcement cannot interfere in the game of Poker. Hence, it is perfectly legal. But just because it is legal, it doesn’t mean that it’s entirely safe, you may win a game and lose another, all at the same time. It is important to be wise while playing with your hard earned money online. You’ll need proper training, or the expertise, so that you won’t be slaughtered in the game like the guys did the girls in FRIENDS. Visit to their website  for the exciting offers.