The best makeup hacks for summer

Here’s presenting some of the best makeup tips for the season, with a bit of information on skin care thrown in.

The summer months are hot and sometimes uncomfortable, and the last thing you want to do is wear makeup. But you must, in the interests of looking great. So here are a few beauty hacks for the summer that you can take on board:

* Buy the essentials. Taking care of your skin in the summer is quite tough, especially if you don’t have the right skincare products or even a regular regime. You will have to start by buying skincare and makeup products from the best online shopping sites like Jabong. Here’s a list of skin care products to start you off: cleanser, moisturiser, toner, tan removal serum or face pack, clarifying mask/scrub mask, day cream, night cream, lip balm, and fine line serum. When it comes to makeup, you will need primer, concealer, foundation, highlighter, compact powder, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and rouge. Look up the best online shopping sites only, since they feature the most premium brands in skin care and makeup.

* Choose makeup as per skin tone. The makeup products you choose must belong to the highest rated brands in their category, since they feature skin-friendly ingredients. However, getting your hands on the right makeup products is a process perfected by trial and error. Every person’s skin tone is different, so what looks great on your best friend may not suit you and vice versa. The makeup you choose must go with your complexion and overall ensemble. More than colour, the general rule of thumb for makeup is: In proportion with your look. This means that if your clothing is bold and colourful, then you should balance your look with nude or minimal makeup. Conversely, if you’re wearing a pastel hued dress and nude pumps, you can sport a deep plum or oxblood lip colour and a smokey eye.

* Cleansing wipes are a blessing.The summer weather can make your skin feel sticky and oily. It’s not always possible to wash your face when you’re out of doors, and it is not recommended that you use face wash on your face more than twice a day. Keep your skin clear and free of excess oil and dirt with a pack of cleansing wipes. Gently wipe the skin clean (don’t rub hard or dab excessively) and blot out any excess moisture with a clean tissue paper. You can buy a pack of wipes from an online shopping site.

* Replenish every few hours. The hot weather can make you feel muggy and uncomfortable, especially if you’re wearing makeup. Excessive sweating and oiliness can cause your makeup to run or become cakey. You could get by with a touch up, or if you have some time on your hands, you can cleanse your face entirely and do your makeup again. Retouching your makeup at least twice during the day will keep you feeling and looking fresh. Even the most long-wear makeup will require a redo in the hot weather.

* Remove all traces of makeup at night. One things most women forget to do is to take off their makeup at night. Leftover makeup is the major cause of most skin problems. It clogs the pores and causes blackheads and acne. It does not let the skin breathe as well. Cleanse your face thoroughly before going to bed, then follow up with moisturiser. Finish by applying a night repair cream or serum to wake up to dewy fresh skin.