American British within the ESL Class – Understanding the Variations Between British and American British

Which British would you like to speak? There is not one, but several Englishes that individuals around the globe use to speak. Of all of the variations of British spoken on the planet, American British certainly dominates, to be the language of Hollywood, computing and aviation. Some would even go so far as calling their language “American”, why is this so? It’s several important variations with my British, British. However for an overseas learner to state they speak British and American is exaggerating somewhat. The greatest variations between British and American British are vocabulary products, just because there are regional variations in almost any language.

Learning American Words

For those who have studied British inside a traditional class, the probability is it took it’s origin from British British. Even American teachers haven’t much choice but to make use of the sources at hand, and Oxford and Cambridge College Press dominate the field of ELT. If you’re studying a training course like British File or Headway as well as your teacher is American, you’ve got a good advantage, as likely she or he uses his American vocabulary in conversation.

The easiest method to familiarise yourself with American vocabulary is just to look at American TV and films (films in British British!). Generally, you’ll be able to determine from context exactly what a word means, and link it towards the British word you know.


There is a famous song that highlights some pronunciation variations, the term “tomato” for instance. Most of the variations in vowel sounds could be related to the modification in stress patterns. In america, “Iraq” has its own force on the very first syllable, pronounced like “eye”. In Great Britan, however, the “I” isn’t stressed therefore it is pronounced such as the “I” in “it”.


For grammar, the good thing is that Americans use much less the dreaded present perfect – so you’ve one less factor to bother with. Words like “just” “ever” and “already” may be used using the past simple, whereas in British it is the present perfect.

The language schools abroad would provide you with a world of options for your specific language learning needs. They would offer you with several programs and courses to help you learn written and spoken English language for specific purposes.