Why Self Defense Is Important For Kids & Adults To Learn

As a parent of a child, you can probably think back to when you were much younger and where you lacked confidence and self-esteem. It’s likely that you were bullied in school in one form or another and you kind of felt helpless in a situation that your parents never really prepared you for. You were always taught to turn the other cheek but that only resulted in you getting hit there as well. You want your children to have the best possible start in life and so offering them the opportunity to be able to defend themselves in such situations is something every responsible parent should do.

There are a number of activities that can teach you how to defend yourself but BJJ in Reading is one of the top activities that children are turning to. Martial arts and especially jujitsu is of great interest to many kids because they see this fantastic art being performed in some of their favourite movies. If you as a parent are looking for an activity that can not only provide your child with an opportunity to defend themselves but also teach them some of essential life skills then maybe you’d like to learn about the benefits of pursuing Brazilian jujitsu or any self defense sport.

  • It empowers your child – Empowerment is very important in today’s very competitive world and discipline is incredibly important as well. By equipping your child with the power to defend themselves and to be able to walk away from a difficult situation is a life skill that every parent should want the child to have. Martial arts is about so many other things and it is about teaching children about knowledge and skills as well.
  • It addresses the bullying issue – You do not want your child using their self-confidence and self-esteem at such an early part of their life and it’s likely that the going to come up against some form of bullying. The very fact that the bully knows that your child is taking self defence classes should be sufficient to warn them of and if it isn’t, then your child will be able to stand up for themselves and retain their confidence.

Your child will learn so much more in their self defense classes like learning about integrity and humility in life. They will be taught about respecting other people and they will be equipped with the courage that should help them later on in life.