Where Guys Can Party Together In Philadelphia?

If you speak with someone who has visited Philadelphia in the older times, they would tell you that south street is the place to be when it comes to the party venues but these days the options for the dance clubs as well as the bachelor party venues with exotic dancers have shifted and are available all around the city. We discuss some of the best options for partying together in Philadelphia.

1. Whisper Club

This club is pretty crowded from Thursday still Saturday. It is for the younger crowd and provides you with some great amenities as well. It consists of 6 different bars and has a light show each night and also, if you want to access the VIP platforms especially helpful with strippers in Philadelphia, be ready to head on to the 2 suspended platforms. Private services for bottles are available and with an immense variety of new mixed drinks, you would always find something which you like. If you want to get an entry make sure that you head to it early as it gets pretty crowded near midnight.

2. Zee Bar

If you want a club with great food as well as great dancing options, then head to the Zee bar because some of their signature options like Shrimp and crab cocktail and also there are many other options for the cocktail of drinks as well. If you want to taste some great wine you have 9 different options and also 10 different types of vodka options as well.

If you want entry into the club, make sure that you dress your best reach the club early if you want to gain entry.

3. Rumor

If you want to find out the place where most celebrities go in Philadelphia, it is the Rumor. There are multiple dance floors in the club, each connected with the other, with the help of a hallway. There is also the VIP room to which you can get access to as well. Many celebrities have thronged the place in the part and still call it one of the best nightclubs in town. The staffs are attentive and would cater to your needs. This is the club where you need to be if you want to rub shoulders with the who’s who of the younger generation in town.

So, if you are looking for a place to a bachelor party in Philadelphia, these are the clubs where you should be heading to that have party rooms that can accommodate your guys night out.