Using Electronic Direct Mail to Grow the Interest of your Email Contacts

Electronic direct mail (EDM) is part of the continuous effort of building a personalised brand experience. If done right, email marketing Singapore helps you turn browsers into buyers and EDM can turn buyers into loyal customers. EDM is about using your database to generate continuous communication from your brand to your audience using SMS, PPC, social media ads, and other forms of remarketing. As customers gave their information to your brand, this means they have an interest in it and you can use EDM to grow this interest. Here are some tips to make this happen:

Send Newsletters

Newsletters are a way to remind your contacts about your products and services or brand. Think about exclusive offers, curated stories that fit your brand, or news about your business. Make your audience feel like they are a part of a community.

Start Remarketing

You can use your email database for targeted ads as long as you are moving with the terms and conditions of your website and not violating any forms of data privacy. Tools such as Google Adwords will let those who have logged onto your website see your ads on other sites. You can also do the same targeting with boosted posts and ads on Facebook.