Understanding more about mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards


As a gamer, it is very important to always understand how your gaming peripherals are important for your gaming experience. If you have been into the gaming world for a very long time, you probably know why a gaming keyboard can break or make your gaming experience. Some people aren’t aware that GAMING KEYBOARDS matters but it does. Gaming keyboards are always classified by the type of switch technology in use. Keyboards are normally separated into two major principles. The first principle is the mechanical keyboards and the second one is the membrane keyboard. As a gamer, it is very important to try and learn about both of them just to make sure that you are making the right choice.

What are mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are the type of keyboards that have become very common these days. When you talk about keyboards, many people do think about mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards always have a classic look. Mechanical keyboards are normally made with plastics keys that are of very high quality.

Mechanical keyboard switches

Mechanical keyboard switches are comprised of :

  • Keycap- this is the top part of the key which has a number.
  • Stem-the second part of the keyboard switch is the stem. This is the part that is always underneath the keycap. This is the part that moves down when it is pressed.
  • The Housing-This is simply the case that is a task to hold together all the components.

When you are typing on a mechanical keyboard it means pressing down the keycap. When the keycap is pressed, it activates a physical switch that is underneath that is normally spring-loaded. When you press the key, you will feel it and hear a sound. When you hear the sound, you will know that you have pressed the key hard enough.

Membrane keyboard

Apart from the mechanical keyboard, we also have the membrane keyboard. This is a type of keyboard that is normally used in offices. This type of small mechanical keyboard relies on rubber domes to provide feedback. Compared to the mechanical keyboards, the membrane keyboards have a very simple structure that is composed of a rubber dome. Once it is pressed, it completes the circuit on the keyboard. There are two types of membrane keyboards. The first one is the flat membrane keyboard and the second one is the full travel membrane keyboard.

How to choose the right mechanical gaming keyboard?

There are many mechanical gaming keyboards out there but not all of them are good. Choosing the right gaming keyboard for your gaming sessions will require you to have experience. Many people prefer mechanical gaming keyboards because of how fast they are. They are also tactile and durable. Some gamers appreciate things such as how portable a gaming keyboard can be. It is very important never to choose a gaming keyboard just because you are in a hurry to have one. Do some research and find one that suits your gaming?