Tips to Grab Cheap Flight Fare from Bangalore to Delhi

Every day a huge number of flights of all airlines arrive and depart from Delhi airport to various destinations in the country and outside it. Among these, Bangalore seems to be one of thefavourite destinations for tourists who wish to reach the south directly from the north.

Prices of such flights vary with 25+ options to choose from for the same 3 hrs of airborne travel. Here are some ways in which you can find one that’s worth it to you before locking your Bangalore to Delhi flight fare.

  1. Look up the schedule:

First and foremost, look up the schedule of the flights. Yes, we know that you were going to do this anyway, but we are suggesting look at the schedules of different airlines together, don’t search up timings by airlines. That way you can find one that you like the best and then proceed to step 2.

  1. Find out the pricing:

Once you have a list of flights that have timings as per your convenience, look up the prices of the tickets for these flights. Different airlines will have different pricing, so look for one that suits you best. Remember, the one that’s the lowest does not always mean that it’s the best option. Many people make this mistake, so we’re pointing it out beforehand so that you don’t make it too.

  1. Check up different sites:

An extension of the previous point, this means that you should make use of the internet as best as you can. Nowadays, it is very easy to find out a complete chart of different airlines, their timings, and fare with a proper comparison. So, you don’t have to put in too much effort. However, we would suggest that you look up multiple sites, before choosing your option.

  1. Search by date:

Monthly charges chart will throw you off completely if you’re looking for cheap flights. Instead, try to search by date so that you can book flights on the day it’s cheap and avoid excess payment.

  1. Try to catch rush hour flights:

Early morning flights cost less since it is peak traffic time and prices are brought down. Now, early morning flights may mess up your sleep schedule but it’s one surefire way of obtaining cheaper fares.

  1. Look for offers:

Flights are expensive and there’s no doubt about it. Even during their cheaper days, it might be burn a hole in your pockets. However, there are time when offers on airlines are quite good and you can make utilize them while booking your flight. These offers are usually created to gain more customers during a lousy day, but if you want cheap tickets, we suggest you keep a weather eye out for these offers. They could save you some bucks.

  1. Keep to the weekday:

The weekdays are when flights are cheapest, especially when on Mondays and Wednesdays. When airlines can’t fill up planes they usually bring down prices, especially on the weekdays flights, so here, you can afford to wait a bit. But remember, when we say last minute, we don’t mean that you book your tickets on the day of the journey; just advising you to simply not book your tickets a month in advance. Though it’s a risk, but if you are ready to take it, you might end up saving big on last-minute deal.

  1. Ask for refunds:

If you have purchased your ticket one month in advance before we could stop you, here’s a tip that could get some your money back. It is inevitable that fares will go down as the time for a specific flight comes closer they are at a safe level as regards to availability of seats as well as price and only go down closer they get to departure. You should know that all airlines have some policy of refund whether advertised or not. So don’t be afraid of asking for a refund from your airline if the final fare is less than when you purchased your ticket.

These are some of the ways with which you can book affordable flights while on vacation. These are some rules that work for domestic flights as well as from Bangalore to Delhi flight fares.

A bonus tip: if you are flying from a place like Delhi from all the way to Bangalore, it will probably cost you less to add a destination along the way. Just don’t add too many hours difference in between.