Selecting the Right Duck for Cooking

A duck meal dish can be part of any meal, be it a party or a family dinner. There are several recipes and ways to prepare duck. Some of the lip-smacking duck dishes are duck breasts with raspberries, orange and ginger infused duck and so on.

It is no secret that a good dish calls for the freshest of ingredients. In a duck dish, the duck bought need to be fresh in order to achieve the best taste. One of the best and freshest duck products in Canada can be bought from ‘Lac Brome Lake’. Especially, the duck breast from Lac Brome is a preferred product. You can get more information about their duck products from their website

Versatility of duck

Duck meat is full of flavour and usefulness. It is dark and moist and has an earthy flavour. It is tasty no matter which way it is cooked. The following points will explain the same.

  • The duck breasts taste delicious whether sautéed or roasted.
  • The bones and wings of the duck can be used to make a tasty stock
  • The duck legs can be braised to make confit. They can be added to stews and salads as well.
  • The fat from the duck gives depth to roasted and fried food.

Selecting the duck

Most ducks that you find in the supermarket are raised commercially. It is available in whole or in parts such as breasts. Ducks are sold frozen as well as fresh.

To be able to make the most out of duck meat you might want to search for the breed that suits the dish you are preparing. Following are a few secrets to keep in mind while buying duck for your duck dish.

  • While buying a duck, you should remember darker flesh means, the meat is not fresh
  • You should look for a duck that has a plump and firm breast.
  • For dishes where the duck’s different parts are cooked separately, a mild and meaty Pekin duck is preferable. It is available in supermarkets
  • Muscovy ducks found in South America are thinner than Pekin ducks and its deep flavour is apt for roasting or stewing.
  • The large Moulard ducks (a cross between Muscovy and Pekin) provide meaty breasts and rich flesh.

One of the tastiest meats, duck can be versatilely used in many dishes and in many ways. The above will give you some idea as to what to look for while selecting the best duck for your dish.