Common Work Injuries that Could Happen to Any Employee

The chances of getting injured at work depend on the nature of your work. Some jobs are highly dangerous while others are in a safer environment. It does not mean though that when you are inside an office, nothing can happen to you. Regardless of the nature of your work, you need to prepare yourself to make a work injury claim if an accident occurs while carrying out your responsibilities. You also need to be cautious in doing your job to avoid experiencing severe injuries, such as those below.

Head injuries

When your job involves heavy lifting or construction, you could suffer from head injuries. It could even be serious depending on the impact. Something heavy might fall on your head, or you could bump into a solid object while working. Even in the office, it could also happen. For instance, you might be carrying a lot of paper, and you do not see something slippery on the floor. You might slip and bump your head in the process. Anything can happen while working, and your head could be at risk.

Burns and scars

Jobs involving the use of equipment producing heat could also be a risk. Even if you are careful in handling the equipment, you might still suffer from an injury. You need to wear the right protective gear, but you also need to be cautious about your actions. The problem is that when you are trying to meet a deadline, you tend to forget that you are dealing with something hot, and you end up with burns and permanent scars.

Carpal tunnel injuries

These problems happen more often among people who do repetitive tasks. People typing on their computer could face this issue in the long run. You might not feel it at first, but due to the nature of your work, you will wake up one day facing this kind of pain.

Broken bones

Jobs that are physical could also lead to this serious issue. Whether you are lifting something heavy or you need to exert effort in using heavy-duty equipment, you could end up with broken bones. It is very painful, and it could even cost you your job.

What should you do next?

After suffering from these injuries, you can’t endure the physical pain along with the pain of paying for your medical expenses. Your employer needs to be responsible for these injuries. You were only doing your job, and it is not fair for you to suffer even more by paying for the bills. You might also be unable to return to work for a while because you are still recovering.

You can file a work injury claim in Gloucester if you reside in the area. Tons of legal experts can help you in this endeavour. They have worked with other employees before who also made a work injury claim in Gloucestershire. Don’t worry about the legal fees yet. A lot of them will only ask for payment if you win the case or receive a considerable amount after the settlement.